Research – Mood Disorders

Dr. A-M. Ghadirian — Mood Disorders

Dr. Ghadirian was Director of the Mood Disorders Clinic at the Department of Psychiatry of the Royal Victoria Hospital (Allan Memorial Institute) at McGill University from 1977 to 2001.  As as clinician, teacher and researcher he worked with a number of colleagues in the clinic which was also known as the Affective Disorders Clinic before the 1990s.  These included Dr. Robert Cleghorn, Dr. Jambur Ananth, Dr. Claude de Monigny, Dr. Herta Guttman, Dr. Pablo Cervantes, Dr. Thomas Kolivakis, Dr. W. Denis Engels and Dr. Marie St-Laurent and other colleagues.  In research he collaborated with Dr. Heinz Lehmann, Dr. Frank Engelsmann, Dr. Guy Chouinard, Professor Lawrence Annable and Dr. Beverly Pearson Murphy.

His main areas of research were bipolar mood disorders, major depression, seasonal affective disorder, mood disorders associated with comorbidities such as schizophrenia, eating disorders and other psychiatric disorders.  Biological and psychosocial aspects of mood disorders were major areas of study and exploration.

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